Month: June 2011

How To Respond To a Wall Street Correction; 2011 Money Portfolio

Bill Valentine, founder of Valentine Ventures, LLC, shares three important investment tips to consider during a stock market correction.  A stock market correction can range anywhere from 5 to 20%. Anything beyond 20% would be considered a bear market. The first tip Bill discusses references an earlier blog post of his titled  “Trust Your Instincts, 

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The Real State of Real Estate in Bend

Last week, I gave a talk to a local realty company and thought I’d share my presentation.  The point was that if you judge the state of real estate solely by median price or default numbers, you only get half the picture. Here in Bend (the poster child for the Real Estate Bubble), our transactions

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Hyperinflation….or High Inflation?

Hyperinflation or high inflation? What is the difference?  Bill Valentine, CIO and founder of Valentine Ventures, shares his insight on the difference between hyperinflation and high inflation. Investors are always concerned about high inflation as an economic risk. Bill says if we were faced with a hyperinflation scenario,  the only way to protect yourself would

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