Month: August 2011

What Should I Do About My Gold?

  “What should I do with my gold?”  I’ve been asked that question a lot lately.  And for good reason.  Gold has been on a helluva run.  And in the last month, the chart’s gone hyperbolic. Turns out, quite a few people have a stash of gold somewhere, in one or more forms: bullion, coins,

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Is This a New Bear Market….Or Something Else?

With volatility up and investors looking for any kind of perspective, what should you make of the stock market of late?  Is this the start of the next Bear Market (and thus the end of the 2.5 year old Bull Market)?  Or is it something else.  If you look at the other Bear Markets of

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Stock Market Update – Shifting from BULLISH to NEUTRAL

The US stock market, as the preeminent global growth market and a proxy for all risk assets, has shown signs of the potential for a prolonged and material deterioration, owing to signs that US economic growth is faltering. On Project Syndicate, Kenneth Rogoff, Professor of Economics and Public Policy at Harvard University, observes that “the

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