Month: December 2011

It’s the Debt, Stupid! A Supply Sider Argues Against the Payroll Tax Cut

Hi folks, let’s take a moment to to focus on the Payroll Tax Cut, which was extended for another two months.  I, for one, am just not that excited about this tax cut.  Believe me, as a “supply sider”, I am generally inclined to support the idea of lower taxes.  But when it comes down

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2011 Was Worse Than You Thought, 2012 Will Be Better Than You Think

Investors, both here and abroad, are feeling apprehensive about 2011, and for good reason.  Volatility, the European bank crisis, plenty of uncertainty.  And while things look bad, in fact, if you step back, worldwide they are worse than the U.S. stock market might suggest.  In fact, this year the U.S. stock market was the least-worst

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The Jury Is Back: Oregon’s Measures 66 & 67 Were A Disaster

Rarely can you convincingly “prove” anything to anyone about the economy.  Economics is a social science, not a natural science like physics, chemistry, and biology.  The Scientific Method doesn’t work with the social sciences.  There aren’t real-life opportunities to test economic theories in a vacuum, and cause-and-effect is virtually impossible to substantiate.   That’s what makes

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