Month: April 2012

The Economy Is Stronger Than You Think

The Commerce Department released its first estimate of First Quarter 2012 economic output (GDP), and folks are reading it as a sign of a slowing economy.  That’s silly.  GDP will be revised two more times and the final number will could be plus or minus 100% from the 2.2% estimated today. A more interesting picture

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Spanish Undies In A Bunch?

The latest market worry is Spain.  Specifically, investors are concerned about the amount, and performance, of debt – from the sovereign, top-down level and that held on the books of its banks.  Spain’s been an economically weak outlier—in an economically weak region—for some time.  The cost of insuring their debt, as well as the yields

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America Is Facing A Retirement Crisis

At no time over the last century has the American working public faced a bleaker retirement situation.  Workers today have been beset by a “perfect storm” of conditions that will either prevent them from being able to truly retire, or likely delay that day long past when they’d hope to retire. There are several explanations

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