Month: September 2012

The Fiscal Cliff and Elections Don’t Matter

Have you noticed the rising uneasiness amongst investors, as well as the increase in media noise, regarding the Fiscal Cliff and the Elections, specifically as they relate to the markets? I call it the latest “Whaddabout…?”  Whaddabout the Fiscal Cliff?  Whaddabout the Election? It’s human nature, but people make too big a deal out of

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Is Ben Bernanke Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?

The big news this week (well, other than that phone thing) was the Fed’s announcement that they would continue purchasing mortgage-backed securities in an effort to continue stimulating the economy.  QE3 is here.  Markets liked the news, up almost 2% since the announcement. The public reaction, though, has been another story.  If you look at

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How Much Is Free Investment Advice Worth?

We have previously talked about the new dawn of electronic communication and how info-tainment and financial advice have become ubiquitous….available 24/7 through the Web, newspapers, periodicals, blogs, and yes, even email newsletters.  Not only is the advice pervasive, it’s also free, in that anyone with an interest in financial matters can get advice ranging from

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