Month: April 2013

The Next Bubble Is Here!! The New Bubble Is…

We have a history of alerting investors to bubbles and on that credibility we offer that there is a massive bubble forming right now.  In fact, it’s the most important bubble impacting investors, and the public as a whole.  It’s very easy and understandable to see where it came from. But it’s here now, looms

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Market Dip? It’s Much Ado About Nuttin’ (honey)

The stock market’s forward progress this year seems to have hit a speed bump.  Naturally, the question becomes, “Is this something to worry about?” The answer can be found by looking at why investors behave the way they do, the proper framing of the last few days, and what real changes there have been (or

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The Opposite Of Down Is Not Up

Two weeks ago, Bill Valentine explained that just because the Market was hitting a new high, it didn’t portend an imminent decline. In other words, just because the Market’s “up” doesn’t mean it will have to be “down” soon. When the Market’s not hitting new highs, it can be setting back a bit, or moving

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