Month: May 2013

The Worm Has Turned

A few days ago, Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke took what I believe to be the first step in ending Quantitative Easing (the massive money creation / bond buying program dating to the depths of the Financial Crisis).  Chairman Bernanke’s seemingly subtle mention that the Fed will stop easing if the economy continues on its current

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Sell In May and Go Away? Pffffft!

Investing is complex.  It stymies even the most seasoned investor.  In order to create meaning from the randomness, investors sometimes employ mental shortcuts known as “heuristics.” A perfect example is the adage, “Sell in May and Go Away.”  This advice suggests that investors exit the market every year before Summer, and reenter by December, to

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I Could Be A Great Scammer

In this “Confessions…” Bill Valentine talks about his obsession with Financial Scammers.  But don’t worry, he’s doesn’t aspire to be one, but rather, wants you to give thought to the conditions that create the opportunity for this timeless transgression. Watch to learn about to look for so that you won’t be the next victim of

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