Month: July 2013

What’ll Happen To Detroit Muni Bonds?

It’s hard to miss the news that the City of Detroit, Michigan is trying to file for bankruptcy. It brings up questions…. Is this the first of many municipal failures to come? If I own Detroit muni bonds, am I sunk? What should I do with them? There’s plenty to learn in this week’s Market

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My Favorite Blogs and Twitter Feeds

This week, Bill Valentine shares his Top 5 online blogs and Top 5 Twitter feeds, to help you stay abreast of developments in the markets and economy.

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Good Job, Uncle Ben

Seven weeks ago, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke hinted at the possibility of the end of Quantitative Easing (QE).  Market’s freaked out, as markets are wont to do.  We said at the time that this was an intentional intimation, and that in fact, it was a tool of the Fed Chair, as important as the

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