Month: August 2013

Top Ten Investment Ideas For The Rest Of 2013 – Part 1

Drawing from a recent presentation Bill Valentine gave, this week he’s sharing the first three of ten “Investment Ideas for the Rest of 2013”.  Next week he’ll cover #4-7, and then the following week #8-10. As always, these are ideas, not instructions.  Do your own research with your newly gained knowledge.  

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Don’t Do This

Various companies began tracking investor behavior 20 years ago and the results are in. Mostly, people are terrible at investing.  Whether looking at data about day traders, or the aggregate results of mutual fund holders, the same story is told.  Typical investors make the same pattern of mistakes.  We are doing our part to create

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Does The Low VIX Mean A Disaster Is Pending?

The CBOE Volatility Index (“VIX”) usually moves inversely with the stock market, and exponentially so. As such, it’s become a favorite indicator for market speculators. Lately, the VIX has been hitting multi-year lows, leading some to believe that a reversal must be imminent. Were that to be the case, the implication is a falling stock

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