Month: April 2014

Reversal Of Fortune

As is so often the case, investment markets this year look very different from last year, at least from a leadership perspective.  2013 saw an unusually wide dispersion between best and worst asset classes, and their rank last year was of no help in predicting which markets would lead, and lag, this year. This week,

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Is The Market Rigged?

In the wake of Michael Lewis’ appearance on “60 Minutes” a few weeks ago, there is much wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth around the idea the High Frequency Traders are screwing investors.  This week, we talk about HFT and the reality of liquidity in the markets.

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What’s An Earthquake Worth In Dow Points?

In the wake of last week’s Southern California earthquake, we’re discussing the context of how earthquakes (and other natural disasters) affect investment markets.  The world has experienced many earthquakes over the last 130 years. Most have had little effect on markets, but some have had a big effect. This week, we describe that makes an

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