Month: November 2014

Is There A Time Bomb Ticking In Your Portfolio?

It’s during late-stage bull markets for growth assets, such as now, that investors can be tempted to make bad choices that they come to regret dearly. One such notion is the focus on a single area, creating a “time bomb” of sorts that will eventually create great damage. This week, we help you identify if

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I Don’t Read The Journal

No one ever beat the markets by following consensus.  And consensus is formed the same places everyone goes to get investing insight. Do your own thinking.  

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“Sell in May?” Say “No Way!”

There’s an old adage on Wall Street: “Sell in May, and go away.” It’s based on the idea that the worst months historically have been the summer months into early Autumn.  “Sell in May…” is based on the idea that you liquidate stocks every year on May 31, and buy them back November 1. Having

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