Wealth Management

By coupling comprehensive financial planning with discretionary investment management, we assist you in the achievement and maintenance of true financial independence.  Our fee-only offering means that you get the most appropriate, unbiased advice possible, without the conflicts-of-interest inherent in the standard brokerage model.

An Integrated Approach

Operating as a team for all clients, we work deliberately with you to learn the nuances of your financial condition, identifying areas of strength as well as deficiency.   Crafted by our Certified Financial Planner, your Financial Plan provides guidance on all aspects of the affluent investors life: Retirement Planning, Cash Flow management, Investments, Taxation, Insurance, Estate Planning, Education Savings and Business Transition.  To learn more about our Financial Planning, click here.

The Financial Plan also determines the optimal Asset Allocation for your investment accounts.  We present your target Asset Allocation in an Investment Policy Statement, which sets the parameters for your investment portfolio, and investing only begins after your approval of the Investment Policy Statement.

Our proprietary investment portfolio strategy utilizes liquid, low-cost ETFs to give you broad diversification across multiple asset classes; and a broad portfolio of high-quality individual bonds, laddered by maturity, provides capital preservation and interest rate protection.  To learn more about our Investment Management, click here.

There is a $750,000 minimum account size requirement to become a Wealth Management client. (How is that calculated?)

All services provided to Wealth Management clients—planning and investing—are covered by the account’s asset-based, investment management fee.  Additional information about how the relationship is structured can be found here.

If you have more questions, refer our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us.

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