key aspects to the relationship

Investment Management Agreement

Our Wealth Management clients sign an Investment Management Agreement with our firm. Essentially it affords Valentine Ventures a Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA) to trade the investment accounts of the client (removable at any time) in exchange for a fee, for as long as it suits both parties. Greater detail may be reviewed via a copy of the Agreement.

Independent Broker/Custodian

All accounts are held at an independent brokerage firm, Charles Schwab & Co, Inc., in its Institutional division. There they are assigned to a Valentine Ventures Master Account (via the LPOA). This allows for the full benefits of Schwab’s custodial relationship (online and phone access to accounts, monthly statements, trade confirmations, etc.) as well as their low transaction costs. Valentine Ventures does not hold the assets, nor can it release the funds to itself.


Valentine Ventures prides itself on the standard of communication it sets.  Clients are provided a quarterly Review, which includes a written letter covering events and a report of  holdings and performance (compared to benchmarks, over various periods).  Past Reviews, web conferences and key communications are archived in the Client-Only section of the site.

Management Fee

For the first $1MM in assets under management, VVLLC is compensated at an annual fee of 1.25% applied to assets under management, billed quarterly against quarter-ending asset values (times 1/4th of the annual fee). For the amount above $1MM, the fee is 1.0%. A lower fee may be negotiated for accounts over $2.5MM.

When you’re ready to begin exploring the possibility of becoming a client of Valentine Ventures, you can either call the office to set up a brief introductory call or meeting, or reach out using our web form.