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Is There More Room for This Bull to Run?

As I’ve mentioned many times, and in many places, the biggest issue for markets and economies is the catch-up that needs to take place overseas whereby foreign economies, and thus their investment markets, get back in sync with the US and start making up lost ground over the last few years. Also mentioned ad infinitum


Terms like “housing crash” and “real estate crash” have been thrown around a lot in 2019. Are we in a housing bubble again? Is it reasonable to expect housing prices to tank again soon? This month, Bill takes a look at what history has to say about the subject.

What can I expect from Commodities in the coming years?

One of our “bets” of late is on commodity outperformance. Accordingly, we have a reasonably aggressive position in commodities within the Growth portion of our overall portfolio. Specifically, commodities account for about 20% of the Growth mix—15% in fund, the Master Limited Partnership (MLP) Exchange Traded Note (ETN) that I wrote about last Quarter; and

Perfect Portfolio

Investing is intimidating to many – but it doesn’t have to be. If you are just starting out investing and unsure how you should invest your money, here are a few ideas* to help you set up the perfect investment portfolio. * These are ideas, not instructions. The decision to implement these ideas is your

Will the next Bear Market be worse, or less-worse, than the last one?

There is one corner of investing that I think probably goes the furthest toward explaining why there are still opportunities to “beat the markets.”  There used be several sources of opportunity, but they mostly arose out of the unequal distribution of information, pre-Internet and pre-Reg FD, and no longer exist. Today, the most promising, exploitable


Back in January, we had just come through the drubbing of December. Peak-to-trough, the US stock Market had fallen by 20%–the Media’s definition of a “Bear Market” (although, no one will ever refer to the Fall of 2018 as a “Bear Market” in hindsight. The low was too-short-lived.) At any rate, I made the point


We are sharing our Client Review with you because it’s full of good stuff. Read for insights on how we will be investing for the year ahead including our Five Best Investment Ideas!

Don’t Pay for Stock Tips

Bill Valentine, CFA has a lifetime of experience in the investment world. Throughout his time as a money manager, Bill has collected a wealth of Wall Street’s deepest and darkest secrets that he is compelled to share. Today: “If you’re paying for stock tips, then you’re wasting your money.”

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