Our Qualified Plan platform solves the problems with most 401(k) plans:

Excessive fees – High fees reduce participant returns.

Poor service – Problems arise when questions aren’t answered promptly and accurately.

Uninformed employees – Without education, participants make the same bad decisions over and over again.

Poor investment choices – Most plans provide too many funds that overlap asset classes, while missing others altogether. This is befuddling to participants—and leads to poor returns.

Lack of co-fiduciary protection – If a plan sponsor does not have a contractual agreement with an adviser to take responsibility for investment selection, monitoring, and asset allocation, the sponsor alone is left accountable.

Valentine 401(k) was created to provide the best 401(k) solution to plan sponsors and participants. The unique benefit of our structure are:

Low fees– Valentine 401(k) uses Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) instead of expensive actively managed mutual funds.

Robust service – On-site visits, regular video-conferences, and phone/email support to help participants make better decisions.

Industry-leading educationWealth Academy, our proprietary video library, is designed to help participants become better investors.

Expert model portfolio construction – Our models make it easy for participants to get risk-adjusted exposure to all important asset classes.

ERISA 3(38) co-fiduciary protection – As independent advisers, we are able to take responsibility for investment selection, monitoring, and asset allocation, taking it off the shoulders of the plan sponsor or committee.

To learn more about our 401(k) offering, please refer to the brochure on the right, and/or view our most recent Annual Web Conference with all our Plan participants. Please contact Michael Bird at (541) 749-1009 or by email at